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The Daily Sheet May 1 to May 7, 2006
« on: May 01, 2006, 08:39:46 AM »
The Daily Sheet
May 1, 2006

Update:  DVD’s to Library Campaign

While the major thrust of this campaign is winding down, the DVD team will still remain active throughout the summer.  Beyond more placement, we’d love to accomplish several more goals. 

The first is to get placement in at least one library in each state.  We are up to 40 now and we have additional motivation to accomplish this from one of our members, Jayiijay, who has generously offered to provide 10 DVD’s – one for each of the remaining states as we add them.   Secondly, we’d love to see some more global participation.  Right now the only placement we have outside the US is in Canada and the Bahama’s.

How can you help with this noble cause?   Donate directly to a library of your choice (let us know), donate directly to our site or volunteer.  If you need further information on any of these, please e-mail me at or PM CactusGal.

Thanks so very much to all of you who have joined us in this campaign by contributing or volunteering and a special thanks to team members Exlibris and Sharyn for all their help.

Thread of the Day

You might just want to pop into the Gay and Gray - over 50 thread in the Meet, Greet Section

They are having an excellent discussion on relationships and the need to get to know people before hopping into the sack – or as our member, Jack says “what a concept, date first, f**k later”. 

BradINblue states:  There are many examples of people who have met, courtesy of BBM and one Dave Cullen, and not one needed a bar or a bath or a parade. They found commonality and friendship first, then took that to the next step.

To see the rest of his post and delve into the discussion go to

 Link of the Day

Are we Brokaholics up to the likes of the politicians with our can-do spirit?  Go read A Modest Gay Proposal,  Worth Reporting by Kenneth Hill

. . . and if you are a Reaganite – don’t e-mail me – just enjoy the section about the Brokeback Mountain fans - pleeeeese!

The Rodeo

WE HAVE PHOTOS!  As I mentioned on Saturday, some of our members met up to attend the Coors Light San Diego Rodeo.  Jim.grr was kind enough to forward some photos to share:

The host hotel had decorated their room doors for the occasion and below are two of our members:

WLA Guy and michaelflanagansf – flanking the door called “Rodeo Naked” – lower center has a BBM photo.

And, check out these cowboys!  - WLA Guy and michaelflanagansf have the Jack and Ennis parts down with their black and cream hats!

Post of the Day

As he got ready to watch his new BBM DVD for the first time, Redbrit wrote his thoughts of the dynamics of Jack and Ennis’s relationship.  He was in tears at the end and – so was I.   You don’t want to miss this, so go to:
[Impact Section – How Brokeback Affected Me (That’s You)]

 The Next Project – Our Book

KittyHawk and TexRob released a major announcement yesterday calling for a “submission of personal stories for the Forum’s book project”. This is your chance to be part of this project and have your story told.  Submissions should be sent directly to Brokebackbeauty at   

For details, please go to:

Also, KittyHawk has posted all 107 nominated titles!! Go here to see which ones you like:

The IDEAS for Our Book thread has generated some very interesting discussions.  All4one advocates From My Window - Stories Inspired By Brokeback Mountain as the title and gives an incredible description.  I found myself being carried away to Jack’s  boyhood, bedroom window.  Go here to view his wonderful words:

Ang Lee Day

Ang returned home to Taiwan and was given a hero’s welcome complete with an Ang Lee Day.  Details, include a photo of Ang in a cowboy hat; you don’t want to miss that:
The Daily Sheet is a production of the Ultimate Brokeback Forum at     Editors:  tellyouwhat and CactusGal

Today’s edition edited by Jan (CactusGal)

DsMom – Post of the Day also, Gay and Grey - Over 50
PeteinPortland – Post from Ideas for our Book
Sinne – Ang Lee Day
Jim.grrr – Rodeo photos
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Re: The Daily Sheet May 1-7
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2006, 11:55:36 AM »
The Daily Sheet
May 2, 2006

Home Viewing Stories

With DVD in hand, I visited a friend’s house last week for a Brokeback screening.  She served wine, popcorn and guacamole, and another friend joined us to watch the movie.  Neither of them had seen it before.  The difference between seeing the movie with friends this way, rather than in the theatre, was the informal atmosphere.  I was surprised at how much they “talked” to the screen, as in the following quotes-
   “In broad daylight??”
   “Can’t they wait?!!” --  “Apparently not!”
   “NO – She’s not going to see THAT!”

The challenge for me was to hold back from answering their questions immediately (questions like: “Will SHE really be better off if she divorces HIM? – and so on.)  My friends were exceptionally loud (cheering) during Thanksgiving at Jack’s house, and exceptionally quiet during the “I wish I knew how to quit you” scene. 

At the end of the film, I read to them from the story-- the dozy embrace, and the ending (“Jack, I swear,” through  “…if you can’t fix it, you’ve got to stand it.”)  We were all in tears.

Many of us have posted in the threads about our private moments with the DVD.  I am interested in the public moments – screenings for friends and relatives, where you watch the whole movie with people who missed it in theatres.  If you can condense your story into two or three paragraphs, (like my example above) please e-mail me, tellyouwhat.

Featured Threads of the Day

The DVD Experience: Home Viewing vs. Big Screen
The following quote from a post by Elvan captures what a lot of us experienced at our first home viewing:
“Before I could sit myself down I was running around, everything had to be perfect; blinds shut, kill the phone(s), open the windows for a minute to get some fresh air in. Now do I have everything I need within arm’s length? Snacks, water, pen and paper for taking notes –  oh wait! The headphones! ...light some candles, perhaps? Oh hell no. Let’s just get the extra features started!”

New thread alert: 
For anyone interested in the technical aspects of the DVD, there has already been much discussion in the main DVD thread.  Many thanks to Lance, who started a new thread to discuss only the technical aspects of the DVD, called Brokeback DVD: tech, transfer quality, formats and filming where you can learn, among other things, the answer to this question:  “What do the letters DTS stand for?”  The answer is on page one of the link.

New Awareness for Your Umpteenth Viewing

In the production notes, I was intrigued by the following quotes from Jake G. and the speech coach, Joy Ellison:

Jake Gyllenhaal:  Joy set up three voices, three separate marks in the script, for Heath and I. Our voices change; they get progressively deeper… This is the first time I've ever played a character spanning a long period of time. Ang said, it's not only the makeup and the wardrobe but also the voice and the movement and the behaviour - everything combined into one.
Joy Ellison: … We divided the periods into three sequences, which was a challenge for the actors because shooting was out of sequence.…We named the voices Voice One, Two, and Three. In one day, the actor might shoot a scene in Voice Three - the older, deeper, slower voice - and then the next scene might be Voice One, which had more vitality and was perhaps higher.

Trivia of the Day

From an e-bay seller (presumably the chap who auctioned off this item) Karin learned that the license plates on Jack’s truck in the beginning of the movie said Texas, not Wyoming.  A quick look at the seller’s e-bay auction page shows other BBM props up for sale as well, including the whiskey bottle (as of Tuesday there will be two more days left to bid.)  As of this writing it is already up to $422.   For those of you who plan to bid on this, good luck!  For the rest of us – thank goodness we can still get similar bottles, full of whiskey.

Funny of the Day

Speaking of home viewing experiences, this short video, entitled “The Day Ricky and Steve made Karl Watch Brokeback Mountain, is hillarious.  Take a look.  (thanks Karin)

Tip of the Day

Another new thread has opened, “New Members Ask – Experienced Members Respond.” 
Can't figure out how to edit a quote? Have a burning desire to discuss a certain topic but don't know where to go? Don't know what rotflmao means? Here's the place. More experienced members will be happy to help.

In addition to welcoming new members to the thread, Melisande (the moderator) also welcomed experienced members.  We can answer questions there, and also ask them.  That’s because Melisande knows we all have questions from time to time.

 News of the Very Weird

An unconfirmed report sent to me from Chaya -
“I am sitting RIGHT NOW, listening to my Sirius radio, station 033, which is called Area 33, it's a station that plays disco/dance music, or whatever they call it now.  I am listening to a pounding disco beat version of "Wings." I am not kidding. Very weird. Not sure how someone would want to dance to that, but I guess BBM has totally infiltrated our culture now!”

We count on you to send us your news, questions and suggestions.  Thanks!

The Daily Sheet is a production of The Ultimate Brokeback Forum at Editors:  tellyouwhat and cactusgal. 
Today's edition edited by tellyouwhat, contact

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Re: The Daily Sheet May 1-7
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The Daily Sheet
May 3, 2006

UPDATE:  Get Ready to Vote on Book Title

“So what’re we gonna do now?”
This question (credit given to Jack Twist) was posed by Mooska in the book thread after seeing the post of 107 nominated titles for the book.

Kitty Hawk replied with aplomb – “There's a small group of volunteers who are willing to take the flak for limiting the list of possible titles.”  When this is accomplished (any day or minute) a new thread will appear for voting on the smaller list.

The poll is now ready for voting!
You may also want to read for a little more background info.

Getting Over the “Brokeback Hump”

I was excited when I saw this title on the web, until I realized the author was not talking about the same “Brokeback Hump” most of us are experiencing in the Forum.  You know, the hump that changed your life forever, especially after Jack died, and you thought it would take a couple weeks to get over but it’s going on months with no end in sight.  THAT hump.  Alas, no, for that there is no known cure, although at least we have each other.

Instead, the article by Peter Hartlaub is pitched at straight men who have an irrational fear of seeing BBM.  (Disclaimer:  If you are one of the enlightened straight men who post or lurk here already, you have my respect.) 

Excerpt:  “Think of Brokeback Mountain as a challenge…just five easy steps to a more civilized future.”  (Not a bad goal for a humorous article.)  The steps, of course, seem counter-intuitive to us, especially step 4: “follow the Heath Ledger tent rule” – which boils down to leaving the theater for “three minutes” if panic sets in whenever Heath enters a tent.  (What a difference from us, and our lamentations over those short tent scenes.)

“Above all, when you're done, don't be afraid to discuss the film with friends and colleagues. Seeing the movie and coming to terms with the fact that you enjoyed it doesn't do anybody any good if you go back to the gym and start acting like a scared goof again.”

Amen to that, even if it takes a straight man to make the point!   Here’s the link if you need reinforcements before your DVD encounter with a scared straight man:

A Rose by a New Name
The thread called “Heath Fans” got a boost when Mod Melisande changed the name to “Planet Heath.”  This name change came at the request of the posters in the thread, who felt the old name was a bit blasé, especially compared to “Jake’s Eyelashes.” 

Stats of the Day

The “Slash” thread recently nosed ahead of “The Oscar Snub” to take fifth place for highest participation.  (Are we healing?)  Planet Heath is holding its own in the top ten, in eighth place.

“Auntie’s Diner” thread is now in first place for participation, but these stats are somewhat skewed, because positions two through four (Jake’s Eyelashes, the Main Discussion, and Members Post Your Pics) got too big and had to be archived (now you can post in Jake’s Eyelashes Too.)

Posts of the Day

Thanks to painted shoes for nominating a post from alma in the “Why is the Place So Addictive?” thread.  Here is an excerpt:

“I had no idea at the time that a community could be formed out of movie obsession. But it has…I made friends through my posts and have developed relationships across the world (you know who you are) who have been a part of my re-education as well as support during all the personal issues that come up as a result of this kind of penetrating artistic experience.”

Also, see the amazing post by PV John same link, just below alma’s.

“I was so much like Ennis, almost fearing my own shadow so to speak. Somehow and quite by accident, I stumbled onto this forum. I lurked a lot before I even dared post. But not wanting to end up like Ennis, I finally made that step.”

A Link for Those of Us Catching Up

Many of you were ‘got good’ by Brokeback last year, but some of us didn’t come down with our fever until Oscar Season or DVD release.  Recently handyjake posted this link to an excellent review dated December, 2005, titled “That Brokeback Got Me Good” by Jeremy Fox. 
Excerpt:  “Her (Annie Proulx’s) characters tend to be of two types: the dreamers who either buy into the romance of the West or can’t wait to escape it, and the realists who accept their lot with stoic resilience. Brokeback Mountain has one of each: Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal), starry-eyed and caught up in heroic myths, and Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) a pragmatist who just lives his life the only way he knows how.”
Check out this link while it is still available:

Funny of the Day

On another tip from chaya, we turn once again to YouTube for comic relief.  My favorite part of this clip, Brokeback on Ice, is the choreography with the hats (think “attitude dancing).  Warning:  this clip perpetuates the media’s gay cowboy stereotype, but if you can’t fix it…you’ve got to laugh at it.

Tip of the Day:  SONQ

Is anyone aware of the forum’s SONQ campaign?  What does SONQ stand for, anyway?  Chief Moderator Meslisande explains it in her signature line:  “Stamp Out Nested Quotes.”  Curious about this, I asked Melisande if this means what I think it means. 

Sure enough, there is a need for moderation in our use of the “quote” button.  Whittle down quotes when possible (without deleting the quote data) – and remove older quotes.  If you don’t know how to do this, you can experiment in the Sandbox.

Mastering this skill will give you a sense of power.  Added challenge:  try not to delete the name of the person whose quote you keep. 

 Follow –up from Yesterday

Please send me your home viewing stories (two to three paragraphs, full viewing of DVD with friends or relatives who had not seen the movie before.)  See my home viewing story in yesterday’s Daily Sheet, just scroll up.  Thanks
By popular demand, here is the link to the BBM production notes I used as a source:

We count on you to send us your news items, questions, and nominations for posts of the day.  Thanks!

The Daily Sheet is a production of The Ultimate Brokeback Forum at Editors:  tellyouwhat and cactusgal. 
Today's edition edited by tellyouwhat, contact

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Re: The Daily Sheet May 1-7
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2006, 12:50:33 AM »
The Daily Sheet
Special Edition
4 May 2006

Special Feature:

We have a special surprise for you today. James Schamus, producer of Brokeback Mountain and co-president of Focus Features, has graciously accepted our request to answer The Daily Sheet’s Profile Questions.  

Mr. Schamus is a respected screenwriter and film producer and has won numerous awards. Besides his highly-acclaimed independent films, he co-wrote and executive-produced the landmark film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. He also adapted The Ice Storm from Rich Moody’s novel, which won him the Best Screenplay prize at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as Writer’s Guild and BAFTA nominations. Mr. Schamus is on the faculty of Columbia University, and he holds a PhD in English from the University of California, Berkeley.

These are just a few of the highlights of Mr. Schamus’ illustrious career.  If you’d like to read more, there are many sites on the web with more information. You might want to start with these:

Profile Questions: James Schamus

First, I want to let you know that Mr. Schamus said: Thanks for all your support!

1.  Currently listening to? Judy at Carnegie Hall (in preparation for the Rufus Wainwright concert!)

Editor’s Note:  Rufus Wainwright will perform Judy Garland’s 1961 concert album at Carnegie, 14 June.  Proceeds will be donated to the Empire State Pride Agenda.

2.  Currently reading? Independent People by Halldor Laxness

3.  Biggest challenge? Getting enough sleep.

4.  Your perfect day? When the Blackberry server goes down and no e-mails come through.

5.  What’s your indulgence? Sitting on a bench in the park doing nothing

6.  What’s your inspiration? Cliché but true:  my kids

7.  First job? Scooping ice cream at Swenson’s on Hollywood Boulevard

8.  What do you know for sure? In a unit sphere, each point p = (X, Y, W), represented as a “line” in ray space, can be projected onto the sphere to obtain the point

_____1_____(X, Y, W)
√ x²+ y² + w²

(Editor’s Note:  A mathematical fact for a spherical coordinate system.)
9.  Favorite Movie: Tie: Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock and Ordet by Carl Theodor Dreyer

10.  If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? I’m sending you back down for another year to try to clean up the messes you’ve made.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into Mr. Schamus’s life!  

Rodeo Follow-up

Jim.grrr did a great write-up on his trip (with other BBM fans) to the Rodeo in San Diego last week-end.  Go here to read it and see more photos.

Above: Beer Break -  jim.grrr, WLAGuy and Mary

We’d love to bring you more photos of our members getting together – so please, send
them in!

Update on Moscow Gay Rights Parade

I know some of you have been watching what’s going on in Moscow, but to catch everyone up, here is a quick summary:  The organization, Gay Russia, announced last July that a first-ever gay parade was planned for Moscow and an official permit would be sought for the march.  Mayor Lukzhov denied the permit and has been quoted making various homophobic statements including “homosexuality is “an unnatural act” (reported by Doug Ireland, GayCity, March 2006).

Now, organizers are determined to hold the march anyway and also are considering suing the Moscow Mayor in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.  The planned date for the event is Saturday, 27 May 2006.

If any of our European members have more to add to this situation, please keep us posted.

Volunteer of the Day

Our Volunteer of the Day is Wheatfields.  He has been incredibly supportive of our DVD to Libraries Campaign.  Just when we think he’s done way more than his share, he’s PM’ing me for more libraries to call.  Wheatfields had this to say:   "Brokeback Mountain has given me so much that it’s too hard to not give something back."

Please take the time to PM your thanks directly.



27 May          1st Gay Rights Parade   Moscow, Russia  – in defiance of Mayor’s Sanction

5-6 Aug         Family Reunion Vancouver, Canada

11-13 Aug      BBM Backyard BBQ    

The Daily Sheet is a production of the Ultimate Brokeback Forum at
Editors: tellyouwhat and Jan (CactusGal)

Today’s edition edited by
Jan (CactusGal)

Special thanks to Mr. Schamus for allowing us into his life!
Credits:  jim.grrr – rodeo story and photos
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Re: The Daily Sheet May 1-7
« Reply #4 on: May 05, 2006, 04:09:04 AM »
The Daily Sheet
May 5, 2006

Vote for Ang Lee in Time Magazine Poll

Currently Time Magazine is taking votes for “Time 100:  The People That Shape Our World.”  Ang Lee is nominated under artists and entertainers.  To vote for him, go to this link, where he is described as “The Cross-Cultural Cowboy of Film”:,9171,1187225,00.html

TomS sent this link to, with a short article about the Time Magazine poll:,,2-1225-1243_1925225,00.html

Tally up Brokeback Awards

I received a request from Mooska that we post a list of all the awards BBM has won.  Others have tried this in the threads, but I agree with Mooska it belongs on a FAQs sheet.  Currently our tech wizard, Parenthetical Greg is working on a FAQs thread, but it’s not ready yet.  Meanwhile, I posted the very long list, courtesy of jayiijay, in the “Awards Aftermath” thread, reply # 6957.  Take a look:;msg=211321;topic=1643.6945

Post of the Day

paintedshoes nominated this touching personal story by mejack, who was inspired after seeing Brokeback Mountain to look for the love of his youth, another young man he had known in prison.  Thanks to MarkC, who gathered the story and posted it in sequence. 

Despite his own long-term marriage, and the knowledge that his old friend had also married, mejack began a courageous search that ended in a rewarding discovery, which I will not give away.

Re-name a Mountain in Vermont

tome6 posted the following plea in “BBM Announcements” is approaching 1000 signatures on the way the ultimate goal of 2000.  The website needs the support of Dave Cullen members.  Please check out this beautiful website and lend the very cool state of Vermont your support.”

Link of the Day

Did Brokeback Mountain really break Cultural barriers?  David Sterritt explored this topic in the Spring Issue of Movie Maker Magazine.  His article is titled “Beyond Brokeback - Has gay cinema entered the mainstream”?
Excerpt:  “More than just responding, people have turned Brokeback Mountain into ‘a touchstone event,’ says Paul Dergarabedian, the president of Exhibitor Relations Company, which tracks and analyzes box office results… when The Passion of the Christ was released, it became the vehicle through which people could talk about religion in an open way—at the office, at dinner parties. Fahrenheit 9/11 did the same thing for politics. Brokeback Mountain is breaking those barriers with regard to sexual orientation.’”

Canadian UBBF Family Reunion August 3-4

NWWWaguy wrote to clarify the dates for the Canadian Ultimate Brokeback Forum’s Family Reunion planned for August in Vancouver:
“It's set for AUG 3 and 4 ... leaving the weekend for those who wish to do other things including participating in or viewing the GayPride march.  Watch this thread for news and details:

Letter to the Editor

In response to Wednesday’s Stats update, in which I wrote that “Auntie’s Diner” might not be in number one position if “Jakes Eyelashes” hadn’t been archived, I received this defense of “Auntie’s Diner”:

“I'll argue the comment in the daily sheet …Auntie's Diner was archived and divided into three threads: diner, photos, and members the stats are actually even higher when taking all that into consideration. not only does the Jake's Eyelashes have an archived section, but so does Auntie's Diner (since it is the reincarnation of the original "Meet Greet & Post your Pictures here" thread that has been locked and archived...)” - I’mJackShesEnnis

Help With SONQ(Stamp Out Nested Quotes)

Brokeback Beauty sent me this link for those who need guidance in manipulating that raw quote info that shows up whenever we hit the “quote” button in the threads.  Take a look.

Please send me your home viewing stories (two to three paragraphs, full viewing of DVD with friends or relatives who have not seen the movie before.)  See my home viewing story in Tuesday, May 2 Daily Sheet, just scroll up.  Thanks

We count on you to send us your news items, questions, and nominations for posts of the day.  Thanks!

Don't miss the Sunday edition of the Daily Sheet, where Dave Cullen reveals what he wants to be when he grows up.

The Daily Sheet is a production of The Ultimate Brokeback Forum at Editors:  tellyouwhat and cactusgal. 
Today's edition edited by tellyouwhat
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Re: The Daily Sheet May 1-7
« Reply #5 on: May 06, 2006, 11:16:49 AM »
The Daily Sheet
May 6, 2006

Happy Derby Day

In recognition of Derby Day (Kentucky, that is), why not listen to Riding Horses by Gustavo Santaolalla from the BBM Soundtrack. 

Speaking of horses, it seems Anne Hathaway had to take a crash course in horseback riding.   When Ang asked if she could ride, she jokingly said that she was an Olympic jumper.  Ang thought she was serious, so before filming she took riding lessons in NYC’s Central Park.
( 1-17-06)

Randy Quaid drops Lawsuit over Brokeback Mountain Pay
Variety recently reported that Randy Quaid has dropped his lawsuit against Focus Features because the company agreed to pay him a bonus – but Focus says it didn’t agree to a settlement.  Still, Quaid’s reps say he dropped the suit after Focus agreed to pay him a (backdoor) bonus that he wants split among the cast. (No amount was disclosed).  For the whole story, go to:

Postcards from Our Member:  CalgaryActor

Our Forum member, CalgaryActor (Steve) is our resident celebrity!  He has generously shared his acting experiences in Brokeback Mountain with posts to various threads here.  Yep, if you haven’t heard, Steve actually acted in Brokeback Mountain and has met the incredible Jake Gyllenhaal.  Steve says, We nearly had to rush a paramedic to Adrian when he heard that I met – and touched – the Gyllie.  I was worried if we ever met, Adrian would scratch my eyes out.  (For those of you who don’t know, our Forum member, Adrian, is famous for his ardent adoration for all things Jake.) Steve is the Creative Director of Teatro Berdache ( in Calgary, Alberta which is an acting company that exists to lend voice to the history, current realities and aspirations reflected in Calgary’s gay, lesbian and two-spirited community. (taken from Teatro Merdache’s Mission Statement). 

Steve and his husband (yes, same sex marriage is legal in Canada) have made it our mission to make out in as many BBM filming locations as we can this summer.  Lucky for us, he has also realized how special it is for all of us to see those locations too, and he has posted some of those photos.  He’s promised to keep us up-to-date on his travels and send photos too – which, of course, we’ll publish for you. 

Here are some of his recent photos:

    Steve at Upper Lake Kananaskis – where last scene with Jack and Ennis was filmed Brokeback Mountain

     Steve at the Del Mar apartment

 Fort Macleod – remember that view out the window when Ennis was waiting for Jack to arrive?

Steve was worked on two scenes that were shot at the Ranchman’s – one was later cut.  In between shooting, he had the opportunity of meeting Jake.  I just had to pester Steve with questions about Gllyie – in the name of the Eyelash crowd, of course) ;).   This is what he had to say:  This will probably fall somewhere between astonishment and heresy - but when I first set eyes on Jake, I was walking to the set and he was standing on the steps of his trailer. I didn't even recognize him. I thought he was part of the crew. Aside from City Slickers and October Sky, I had never seen him in anything else.

He is definitely a looker, but for whatever reason I just didn't get gaga over the whole thing. I'm just way too aware of film as a business (and a bit too cynical) to feel that way anymore. Our conversation was really brief and accidental, kind of like one of those ones where a stranger turns to you in a grocery store lineup to remark how stupid the National Enquirer is that day. Pretty much small talk - but polite small talk. I can't say I have any real sense of him as a person, aside from him having a very polite public demeanor and a professional work ethic.

But yes - the Gyllie eyes are pretty sumptuous. But then again, my husband's baby blues are pretty damn gorgeous too.
  (Editors note:  Sigh!)

If you want to read more of Steve’s experiences, go to the links below, and you might want to take a second to PM him too, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

See post #601:

See post #102:

See posts #210 & #219:

Date Night:  San Francisco BBM Film Viewing

On May 13th, Bay Area members are planning to watch BBM at the illustrious Red Victorian Movie House (to see more about the Red Vic:

To discuss, PM michaelflanagansf  or go to the thread where it is posted:

Heath Ledger – New Role? is reporting that Heath Leger is supposedly joining the cast of I’m Not There, the Bob Dylan biopic in which six actors play the legendary singer-songwriter.  For more:,2933,194199,00.html

Thread of the Day:  The Film, Book and DVD

There is an interesting discussion going on in the Main Discussion group of this thread concerning Ennis – was he abusive to Jack?  Here’s a good place to start:

Follow-up on Moscow Gay Rights Struggle

As I reported on Thursday, gay rights activists were denied a permit to hold a march in the city later this month. Now disturbances have occurred in various parts of the city.  Young people and elderly women blocked the entrance to two nightclubs hosting events for gays over the holiday weekend.  For complete story:

This story was first reported on on Wed. (not available on-line now without membership) but, they did post an e-mail address if you want to send a letter to the editor:   Letters for publication should be signed and bear the signatory’s address and telephone number. 
Calendar for our Forum and Related Activities

13 May   BBM Film Viewing, Red Victorian Movie House, San Francisco

27 May   (1st) Gay Rights Parade   Moscow, Russia  – in defiance of Mayor’s Sanction

5-6 August   Family Reunion   Vancouver, Canada

11-13 August    BBM Backyard BBQ                 
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Re: The Daily Sheet May 1-7
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The Daily Sheet
May 7, 2006

Dave Cullen Chats About the Ultimate BBM Forum, Fog, and His Next Gig

Sure, you see his picture every day, but how much do you know about him?  Dave answered our list of questions to give us a peek at his life on and off the Forum.

What do you think of the phenomenon of this BBM Forum?  (which has morphed into something more than mere proof of your having existed?)
I continue to be amazed. I kind of feel daunted by this question, because I could never do it justice. I really never foresaw anything like it. I was going to say that the film exceeded my wildest dreams, but the truth is, it pretty much fulfilled my wildest dreams. The site, however, really did exceed them, and that's a preposterous understatement. I really had no idea to dream this big.
I'm still overwhelmed by it, and really moved by what it has done for people--and what so many people have done for it. My family is also perplexed by what this site is, exactly--I think they find it more incomprehensible than the time it takes to write a book. Hahaha. But we do. I tell them you really have to visit the site to get it. You just have to meet a few of the people here, and then you know. And you know why it's all worth it.
The following is a brief sketch of some of the things Dave has done up until now:

--Grew up in Chicago, describes himself as a “recovering Catholic boy.”
--Began a “brief, wild, impetuous fling” at journalism in his late teens and early twenties; covered the1980 presidential race; followed President Carter around for a day; interviewed George Bush Sr, just before he was elected VP (all before Dave was 21.)
--Gave up writing (temporarily) at the age of 21, did a stint in the Army, got a Math and Computer Science degree
--Spent ten years as an analyst and management consultant at Arthur Andersen and Ross Perot's company, EDS.
--Completed a two-year carpetbagging stint after the Gulf War that allowed him to travel in Europe, North Africa and South Asia.
--Went to grad school at the age of 35 to study creative writing and anthropology in Boulder, Colorado.
--He returned to journalism 1999, just in time to be one of the journalists on hand in Littleton on the fateful day the Columbine story broke.  He broke several major excluvies on the tragedy, including the first leaked passages from the killer's journal, the first interviews with the lead investigator and with the head of the FBI investigation, and the revelation that the Christian-martyr incident never occurred.
--He has contributed to Slate, Salon, NPR and The New York Times. His writing awards include Society of Professional Journalist awards, Best of Salon awards and a GLAAD Media Award for his series "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Fall In Love." Links to several of his best known stories are available here:

Dave took some time away from his book deadline to answer our questions:
Currently listening to?

That Dandy Warhols theme from Veronica Mars.
Currently reading?

God, I had to swear off reading for awhile until I finish at least ¾ of my book. I was gobbling up books left and right last year, but I think I need to let them settle a bit. They were all so inspirational, but in retrospect I feel a bit like Nabokov described himself at Cambridge: the rush of all the English mixing with the Russian was germinating amazing things for his future sentences, but was ravaging them in the short run. I needed to stop ravaging for a little while to let my own voice make its way back to center stage.

But favorite books last year—both in my all-time top five now—As I Lay Dying and The Sheltering Sky. Wow.

Lately I read the forum. WAY too much. Hahaha.
Biggest challenge?


Your perfect day?
I have always hated that question. It doesn’t work that way, at least not for me. I can’t conceive of the glorious days in advance, they tend to surprise me.
What’s your indulgence?

I’m not sure I want to go into that here. Hahaha. So let’s just go with potato chips.

What’s you inspiration?

Nabokov. Faulker. Films constantly. Zoorapa was a seminal moment, for so many reasons. Lately, walks and bike rides fill me with ideas. I never leave the house without two or three pens and a paper folded into quarters in my butt pocket. Lately, I need two, that’s a good sign. Anything that cracks me up, and that’s a lot. Funny people and ridiculous situations, which seem to hurtle themselves at me, endlessly.
It’s always changing, though. God, the whole fucking world inspires me.
Hmmmm. OK, not all of it. Not even most of it. But a hundred different things a week, which is only a miniscule fraction of the billions of stimulate I encounter in that time. But it never seems to be the same. They wear out, and new things reveal themselves to me. That’s what makes them inspirational.
Lately the color of light on the buildings and the grass in the last hour before sunset, oddly. Which I never even noticed until my last bf pointed it out, and then I still rarely noticed, but lately it keeps leaping out at me. The changing perspective of budding trees and craggy old houses and tall buildings as I ride my bike, and every once in awhile I notice the mountains on the horizon.
Lately, the way characters are introduced in films. Junebug was revelatory, the first episode of Six Feet Under even better.

Last major Purchase?

A dishwasher. How mundane, but how fucking glorious. So many fewer hours washing the damn things. One of my most-hated tasks in life. I have a very small apartment, and it didn’t have one, and for five years I gritted my teeth and then realized I could buy a portable. I don’t care if the kitchen is even more of a squeeze, I just never want to wash another spoon.

First job?

God, what is “first”? I had paper routes and all sorts of little gigs before I hit puberty. First one that really had a big impact was being a bagboy and cart-fetcher at a Jewel Food Store in high school. Kinda came out of my shell working there.
First career-kinda job was the army. Which was not intended as a career, but became one, until I broke my back.

Wow - you were in the army - what was that like? (excuse me, broke your back?)
It (the army) was great. Not really at all what I expected. I just enlisted for two years--until I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up--and to my surprise, I wanted to be a soldier. And they sent me to OCS, which was the hardest thing I had ever done by a mile, which really altered my conception of what I could do. I was fundamentally changed by that. I think it's made everything else seem possible, since then. When Arthur Andersen asked me to go to Kuwait after the war, I said, "OK." Didn't really seem that daunting. (Although it turns out I underestimated it. Hahaha.)   

What do you know for sure?

That I’ve got something to say. Hahaha. That’s why I write for a living. Really, though, I don’t know a lot of things for sure, but I’m pretty sure I should be writing.
Oh, I’m also pretty sure that fog exists. My all-time favorite road sign: We have one in Colorado that says “Fog conditions may exist.” A road sign only an agnostic could pen.

Favorite Movie:  (besides  BBM)

I’m torn between Wild At Heart and Moulin Rogue. Both of which made me feel totally alive. I posted a long take on Moulin just this week when I was supposed to be totally focused on a huge book deadline.

Lengthy description of why in one of the film threads here:

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

“I’ve been waiting for you.” Hahaha. Serious answer, “Good job.”
Speaking of this question, I want the one that starts, “If fog exists . . .”

Do you lurk or post often in the Forum?

I post a lot in the A&E threads. I lurk when I don’t have time and am supposed to be focused on my book. But then I get sucked in.

Your favorite threads?

All the ones I started? Hahaha. Actually some of them I started for other people, but some near and dear to my heart are book excerpts, overlooked films, God, most of the film and TV threads. The box office thread was my all-time favorite, but that’s kinda done now. Hahaha.

It’s kinda nice that I don’t have an anxiety attack every morning if boxofficemojo hasn’t posted the previous night’s grosses by11 a.m. Denver time. I can actually get my work done in the morning again

I loved most of the Brokeback threads in “The Film” and “The Impact,” and the awards areas, but I could only have those discussions so many times. We had over 5,000 posts in the old Salon-blog version of the forum before we started this site, and I read every one and it felt like I responded to half of them. I have to be careful about which threads I dive into, because I can’t stop myself. Sometimes—many times—I have to forbid myself from going back to a really active thread, or I can lose entire days. I had to impose a rule on myself about the homophobia thread and the masculinity thread, or I’d be there right now.

How many times have you watched BBM?
Only one. I’m not ready yet, but soon. I started getting really depressed in December, and a close friend who’s also a doctor said I was “ruminating,” and I was getting clinical. I promised my shrink to pull back, and not to watch it again until I was ready. I’m not allowed to listen to the theme song either—I have to turn the sound off if I go to the BBM website. But I’ve reread the story endlessly. (I like the film better than the book, which is rare. That’s sort of the problem.)

Your favorite BBM scene?

Second scene in the tent. I’ll have to go back and find the 17 times where I described why. I can’t write that one more time. Hmmmm, maybe this will force me to be pithy. Why do I like it? The intimacy.

But the confrontation scene near the end is close. There are about three that are close. The shirts, ugh.

Is there a question I didn't ask you that you want to answer anyway?
You never asked what I want to be when I grow up. Pope, definitely. Although I may have disqualified myself about 47 different ways.

Do you spend most of your time working on the Columbine book?
Yes. I rented a studio down the hall from my apartment to set up a work space and pile up all the stacks of evidence. The sheriff's department released more than 20,000 pages of police files, and that's only one small chunk of the evidence that's been accumulated--there are also warrants and videos and 911 tapes, and reports from the FBI and governor's commission and another county, and my hundreds of hours of interviews. I wade back into that stuff nearly every day, and keep doing interviews periodically, in between writing and rewriting. It's kind of overwhelming sometimes. I've never taken on a project this big before. Even the Kuwait Oil Company project right after the war seems small in comparison--although that was pretty daunting at the time.
Your last published article (or whatever?)
My Slate story "The Depressive and the Psychopath" led to the book deal, and I had to give up magazine writing until I finish it, though I think I did sneak out for one story for Salon afterward. I think it was on Mary Cheney, when her sexuality became a huge issue when Kerry mentioned it in one of the 2004 debates. And all the news people were going along with the line that it was despicable to drag someone's daughter in like that, and I just could not take it. I believe the thesis of my piece was "calling a lesbian a lesbian is not an insult. or an embarassment." good god. but I've stuck to the book since. My family can't understand why I haven't finished the damn book already, but then they've never written one.
You can read the story here:

Dave, just so you know – none of us doubt your existence. 

We are all here because of Brokeback – and also, because Dave is hosting us.  I’m sure everyone joins me in thanking Dave for beginning this community of sharing, learning, and friendship.

Last Day to Vote on the Book Title!

Don’t forget to vote before 10 p.m. today (Sunday) on the book title!

We Know the Truth
The following stats were posted by Roland in the Awards Aftermath:

“As it currently stands (Saturday, May 6)”
-- 77% of BBM's reviewers on Amazon rate the film 5 stars.  (It jumps to 85% when you combine 4 and 5 star ratings).
--Only 48% of Crash's reviewers rate that film 5 stars.
--Conversely, only 5% rate BBM as 1 star.
--Yet, a full 18% (almost one out of five) rate Crash as 1 star.”

Channel Your Brokeback Energy

Also in the Awards Aftermath thread Zuraffo, asked “Who is still seething about the Oscar Snub and what are you doing about it?”
replied “I want to remember those feelings” and offered his personal list of action items.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

“--These feelings have fuelled my own writing, and I'm writing a lot these days, essays and fiction.
--I haven't been to the theater for a movie since March (other than BBM) and I'm much, much more selective.
--Even less TV, even more reading.”
--I'm making plans next spring to send letters to editors to as a reminder of this year.
--I'm hoping to encourage BBM screenings or private parties in our area at that time.
To see his full list, go to this link:

Please send me your home viewing stories (two to three paragraphs, full viewing of DVD with friends or relatives who have not seen the movie before.)  See my home viewing story in Tuesday, May 2 Daily Sheet, just scroll up.  Thanks

We count on you to send us your news items, questions, and nominations for posts of the day.  Thanks!

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